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Alexej Lux

Born in Spisske Podhradie, Alexej Lux was an important sculptor of his time. Studing in Budapest, Vienna and Munich, Lux also taught at an artistic-industrial school in Budapest. His masterpieces are placed in Paris, Budapest, and Amsterdam as well a...

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František Hutyra

(born 07/10/1860 in Spisske Podhradie – died 20/12/1934 in Budapest) He was an extraordinary student who studied at the grammar school in the towns of Klastor pod Znievom, Eger and Levoca. Hutyra studied veterinary medicine at the university i...

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Štefan Cisko

(born 28/12/1898 in Spisske Podhradie – died 08/12/1980 in Spisske Podhradie) Young Stefan Cisko attended today´s J. Francisci-Rimavsky´s grammar school in Levoca. Then he continued studying at Teaching Institute in the Spis Chapte...

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Jozef Špirko

(born 02/04/1896 in Spisske Podhradie – died 30/10/1954 in Presov) He was born as one of seven siblings and his father worked as chapter´s woodman. Young Jozef attended Roman-catholic folk school in the native town – Spisske Podhra...

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Ján Harmatta

As a famous Slovak scientist, Harmatta conducted business in Spisske Podhradie. He established factory that produced spikes, chains and iron barrels and employed approximately 200 workers. He was instrumental in installation of an electric curre...

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