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Paintball is an activity considered a sport, the essence of which is a battle of teams or individuals against each other using weapons with the aim of hitting an opponent projectiles filled with paint. Such weapons are used so. markers powered by com...

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The educational route Siva Brada – Drevenik

This educational route starts in Siva Brada, continues through travertine mound called Pazica, the Spis Chapter Houser, the town of Spisske Podhradie, the Spis Castle, travertine mound Sobotisko, travertine mound called Ostra Hora and ends in the Nat...

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Because of the suitable conditions for paragliding, there are many enthusiasts of this adrenaline sport in the surroundings of Spisske Podhradie. People interested in paragliding meet annually in the village of Dubrava (Branisko mountain range) and a...

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The Geoglyph of Celtic Horse

On the north slope of the Spis Castle is a geoglyph of a stylized Celtic horse from the coin found in the Spis Castle. The geoglyph is a picture or a pictograph on land depicting a figure or an ornament. It is a structure of an en...

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Falconry centre near the Spis Castle

There is a falconry centre near the Spis Castle in Spisske Podhradie. Tourists can visit it during tourist season. It is a unique falconry centre in the area of Eastern Slovakia. There are eagles, falcons, goshawks, collies, owls, Common Ra...

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Cycling routes

There are almost 55km of cycling routes in the vicinity of the Spis Castle. 15 villages of the micro region called the Spis Castle – Podbranisko and the town of Spisske Podhradie took part in the project - „Vitajte na cyklotrasách ...

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